Monday, March 15, 2010

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Sunday-early evening-I am sitting in Grand Central Station food court, lower level, waiting to catch a train back to Connecticut. The seating area is comfortable, large, plastic high back chairs that resemble fine leather, library favorites. These are all set in a circle facing outward, perfect for people watching.

I am writing this on the week-in-review section of the New York Times. My sentences are scrawled across a photo with lots of background; a writer’s perogative to use what is handy. As I sit and contemplate the diversity of those coming and going, I am struck by the differences, none is the same but each has two things in common, a story and a cell phone. Electronic devices cupped in a hand, held to an ear, dangling off fingertips or blue tooth, from the well-dressed couple headed back to Fairfield County to the homeless man in a wheelchair parked next to a post with an outlet, his cell phone plugged in and charging.

New York could be a fictional planet not a real place, and its inhabitants aliens not ordinary citizens. I am a writer, a space walker in this city looking for creative fodder, a lineup of fictitious characters, from whom the germ of an idea can be planted, nourished and written.

Day 15, third month of the Writer’s Challenge-the writing is steady but slower than anticipated. I have gone overboard with my research discovering minute facts that may go unnoticed to the reader; however, the best news is my new title rocks.

Blog what your see, feel and think.

Have the best day everyday.


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