Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blog to the Beach

“To the Beach” the sign reads with an arrow pointing down the road. I sniff the air and follow the arrow and the scent of the ocean leads me to a sand path with wisps of beach grass and flowers. The walk is short and familiar; we have spent many summers on this beach, coming back to the same rental, year after year. Our only complaint is that it is never long enough, because just when we get a rhythm going we have to leave. Next year maybe we will stay longer, long enough to get bored. For now our beach vacation is over and we are packing up, going home and the sun has barely risen, and the beach is nearly empty when I climb the path one final time. The shore comes into view. I hold my breath for an instant caught in the intake of the oceans beauty. I walk to her edge and whisper my goodbyes. “I’ll be back,” I say. ‘Wait for me, don’t forget me.” The sand slips between my toes and the water laps my ankles in acknowledgment of my request.

“To the Beach” the sign on my refrigerator reads. The arrow points to the porch and beyond. “Remember me,” I say as I sniff the air and follow the tip of the arrow.

Join me on Friday, June 24th for a blog post about a writer’s worst nightmare: how to avoid distractions and stay focused. “Time Management In An Instant” by Karen Leland and Keith Bailey will spark the discipline writer’s like I need to better manage time and to keep writing.

Have the best day every day…


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Serena said...

I hope you had a great time at the beach!