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Guest blogger J.R. Reardon shares her inspiration for Confidential Communications

One of the most common questions authors are asked is: "What inspired you to write your book?" I've answered that for every one of my own novels. Today, I ask author J.R. Reardon this same question.

J.R. Reardon...

The concept of Confidential Communications emerged well over a decade ago. I was fresh out of law school, new to court appearances and had some down time. One night, the idea popped into my head and I found myself typing away feverishly at the computer. Humbly, I printed out an 80 page draft for a very select group of people, had it copywritten, and then put it away in an old file cabinet. The story was well received, but life took over, my cases increased, and I became extremely busy.

In the fall of 2003, I married David and moved from Massachusetts to Washington, D.C. In January, we learned that we were expecting our daughter. Instead of taking on a job in the District, Dave suggested that I sit back and enjoy my pregnancy. I had been a partner in my own law firm for quite some time and it was the perfect time to relax, sit back and smell the proverbial roses. During that time, Dave also suggested that I revisit the book (he was one of the few to have received a copy and he truly enjoyed it).

After reading Confidential Communications for the first time in years, I decided “why not?” The original program was so old however, that I was unable to convert it to Word. So, I retyped it and began the process of expanding it. With another decade of life under my belt, I was able to add some depth to the characters, as well as a few more scenarios. Some of the areas Dave and I had actually visited, and a few we thought would be fun to visit, so I did some research on line. Once we were happy with the final version, off it went to print.

The story and the characters are all fictional, although I will admit that by the end, the character “Joshua” has a little David in him. Also, “Justice McNaught” is based in part on my late grandfather who sat on the Federal District Court for the District of Massachusetts. He was the person who originally inspired me as a child to pursue a degree in law and took ethics extremely seriously. I figured, heck, why not “tip my hat” as a little thank you to him and make him a Justice of the United States Supreme Court?

Publishing a book was always on my “to do list”, although it is surreal to actually hold it and see people buying it…..Here’s my philosophy in life: I don’t want to turn around at age 80 and say “I wish I had done that…” David and I want our daughter to live her life to the fullest in the same way. The world is a great place as long as you see it that way. If you hit any bumps in the road, maybe it’s a sign for you to slow down, open your eyes and your mind, and look at life in yet one more creative way.

~Boston native, Suffolk University Law School alum, and former partner of Saltzman & McNaught LLP, J.R. Reardon has practiced in many areas including civil and criminal litigation. Admitted to practice before the federal and state courts of Massachusetts, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court, she has taught insurance law with her father and is published in the Suffolk University Law Review.

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Such great advice, J.R.! I agree; we're often given signs that maybe we need to slow down or take a detour, but often we're so busy rushing through life that we miss seeing those signs. I wish you great success in your writing. You obviously have the "success gene", based on your highly impressive list of educational and professional credits. So...if I ever need a lawyer...hmm...

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
bestselling author of Whale Song, The River and Divine Intervention

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Great interview, J.R. Thanks for sharing your story!