Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ever Think About Not Writing?

I came across an article in The Guardian about the resurgence of independent book stores in the U.S.. While the piece was interesting and upbeat, a quote from bestselling author Judy Blume made my mouth drop open. Blume said that she wakes up every morning, looks at the sky, and thanks whoever’s up therefore for not having to write today. You can read the quote in the piece here.

As you probably know, Blume is a highly successful author with millions of books sold. Why is she so happy that she doesn’t have to write anymore? No explanations are offered, which I suppose isn’t surprising, given that the piece is about her new venture as owner and operator of a nonprofit indie bookstore in Key West, Florida.

I have some theories, though. First, let’s face it. Writing is hard work; draining, in fact. Also, when you have the body of work that Blume has, how much more do you have, or want, to say? Clearly, she has enough money to live on from her royalties. Perhaps boredom set in? Perhaps, she simply craved new challenges? She does state in the piece that she’s excited to be learning something new at age 78. Kudos to her for that!

I think she also tapped into a feeling that many writers share. There comes a time when we wonder about packing it in. I know I have. Maybe that’s why her comment made me stop and think. Will I stop? If so, when? Do I have a specific time set in mind? The answer is not right now.

The truth is that I still love writing. The other truth is that I haven’t achieved most of my goals yet. But when that happens, what then? Something to ponder, isn’t it? Do you ever think about not writing? Tell me…and please tell me why. I’d really like to know.

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