Sunday, August 25, 2013

Great Book Promotion Sites

After reading Marian Allen's latest post and the insightful comments of readers, it's clear that the struggle to find a workable balance between writing and promotion is always a challenge. I'm hoping that this week's post will help authors more efficiently and effectively. On the other hand, it might just make you groan as you realize how many promotion opportunities are out there, and what you can or should be doing. 

Anyhow, I came across a great post on GalleyCat blog this week, listing 15 sites where you can promote your book for free. As the blog notes, a lot of these sites came from Kindleboards, which is a great place for ebook authors to promote their work, share experiences, and learn. Here is GalleyCat’s list. They provide a link to every site, and I’ve listed GalleyCat’s link below.

Addicted to eBooks
Appnewser Free eBooks of the Week
Author Marketing Club
Books on the Knob
Digital Book Today
EBook Habit
eReader news Today
eReader Perks
Frugal Reader
Free Kindle Books & Tips
Free eBooks Daily
GalleyCat Facebook Page
Meet Our Authors Forum
Pixel of Ink

As it turns out, I’ve only used three of these opportunities. The list looks daunting, but if you pace yourself, you can probably have signed up with several of them within a week or two. It might be not a bad investment of your time.

Having said that, don’t completely rule out paid promotion either. A number of authors are reporting great success with a site called BookBub. They’re using BookBub to promote the free days offered on Kindle’s Select Program. (You get five in all, but can divide them up.) BookBub charges a fair bit of money (over $200), however, this site has enough klout to help get your ebook in the top 100 list. Authors are reporting that signing up with BookBub has gained them 40,000 downloads over a three-day period, which has resulted in sales of other books in their series. I hear that people are making their money back and then some, but this of course won’t be the case for everyone. It depends on how strong your brand is, what other promotion efforts you’re doing, and the genre you’re writing in. As I’ve written before, Romance does sell well.

You can find BookBub at

And Kindleboards is


Marian Allen said...

Thanks for the mention and the links, Debra! Some of these, including Pixel of Ink, won't promote your book unless you have a certain number of reviews over a certain number of stars. So you have to be known in order to become better known. I think I'll just hire a wagon and sell books out of the back, like other snake-oil salesmen before me!

Marian Allen
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Summer Ross said...

Awesome- thanks for the list.
My Blog

Debra Purdy Kong said...

Thanks for your comments, Marian. Yes, I should have mentioned that some of these free promotion sites have conditions and criteria that must be met before qualifying for listing.

And glad to be of help, Summer.

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