Sunday, March 04, 2012

A New Book is Born

This week, my second Casey Holland mystery, Deadly Accusations, is not only available in stores, but will be available on amazon on March 6th, in print for now. The Kindle edition will emerge down the road. So, Casey is being unleashed on the world once more, and yes, I feel very fortunate. This is a book I worked on a long time, and my writers’ group painstakingly critiqued every chapter over a year and a half.

I know that a lot of authors jump up and down and shout halleluiah from the rooftops when their book is published, but that’s not my style. Not that I actually adopted a style, I just kind of fell into it. See, whenever one of my novels is published I’m overcome with a sense of relief followed by a philosophical bent on the meaning of it all, and how that meaning is managing to weave itself into my life’s great plan. Not that I have a great plan, but I’m a spiritual person and believe that someone out there has concocted one for me. Whether that being is high-fiving or morosely shaking his, or her, head over this latest endeavor isn’t quite clear to me. Although, publication does feel right, so that’s probably a good sign.

Thanks to TouchWood Editions’savvy publicist, my book was mentioned in Quill and Quire recently, and recently reviewed in The National Post. Who would have thought? I really planned to live in complete obscurity for another few years. This kind of attention and exposure (partial obscurity, I call it) is a new thing, perhaps the work of that ubiquitous being. If you’re curious, you can find it at

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, I have a book launch scheduled for the last Saturday of March, and I’ll be reading at La Fontanna Cafe on Tues., March 20th. Thus beings the promotional part of my life. It’s going to be an interesting couple of months, culminating in attendance at the Bloody Words Crime writing conference in Toronto from June 1 to 3rd. I don’t want to take up space listing events here, but if anyone wants more information, you can contact me at and they can be found through my Facebook page, and here we go.


THE OPPOSITE OF DARK, now available for iphones, iPads, and iPodTouch at Also available in paperback at and on Kindle at




Marian Allen said...

Congratulations! How about I do a victory dance for you?

~dance-dance, dance-dance~


Marian Allen
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KT Wagner said...

High five! Way to go!



Debra Purdy Kong said...

Thanks Marian and Katherine. Sure, Marian, a happy dance would be great!! If my book launch goes well on the 31st, I'll do mine then. :)