Monday, April 18, 2011

Wonderful Review of Light Bringer

I just received the most wonderful review of Light Bringer, my speculative fiction thriller. You have to love a review that talks about the author's "broad knowledge and brilliant imagination." The author, in this case, being me.

The reviewer, Sandra Shwayder Sanchez from, also says: "The plot, replete with secret sinister underground corporate experiments, extraterrestrial creatures, a couple of budding romances, could have been the stuff of trendy comic books or yet another television series but the author’s excellent characterizations make it real, original, the stuff of literary fiction. Stylistically the author is adept at moving between lyrical poetic descriptions of nature, wryly funny dialogue and perfectly paced suspenseful writing." Yep, she's talking about me again. Wow.

I can't tell you more because of copyright infringements, but you can go to Book Pleasures to read the whole review: Pat Bertram's Light Bringer Reviewed By Sandra Shwayder Sanchez of

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