Sunday, June 20, 2010

Editing Progress Report #5

It’s been an intense three weeks as I juggle editing demands with the day job and family responsibilities, but that’s all part of the challenge a writer’s life. With eleven days left before deadline, I’ve revised two thirds of the book, and the last third should be go smoothly. My editor was right: the hardest part of editing a novel is the first half where most of the changes take place. The second half is a matter of making sure I’ve followed through with those changes.

Still, I can’t help changing words or sentences here and there, and I’ll probably do so right up until the end. My editor assures me that we’re still on track to meet the July 1st deadline without any problem, so I feel a bit of relief over that. But I won’t completely relax until the book is finished and submitted.

I had my publicity photo taken by a wonderful photographer, so another prepublication task is now done, but there will be more things to do. There always is in the making and selling of a book.

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