Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year, Fresh Start

On January 1st, I was working the day shift in security at a university campus. For obvious reasons, it was one of the quietest shifts I’d ever had. There were no students, staff, faculty, or contractors on site and, believe me, a fair number of those people show up on weekends. Every parking lot was empty; again an unusual sight. Wet asphalt glistened under a dark sky, lights were turned off in the grey, concrete buildings, and all was silent.

Some people might view all that emptiness as bleak and uninviting, but for me it represented a blank slate . . . a fresh start for 2010. I look at every new year as a blank slate to be filled with conversation, busy-ness laughter, frustration, obstacles, mistakes, jokes, accidents, tears, events, surprises, and change. The old year is history; put away along with my 2009 files. It’s time to make new history. On the 1st, in the quiet and the rain, I experienced peace and bliss and hope for what’s to come. May you find bliss and peaceful moments as you make your own history.

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