Sunday, December 27, 2009

Was 2009 a Good Year?

At the end of every December, I reflect on my writing progress to determine what went well and what I could do better next year. Truth is there are plenty of things I would have done more often and probably better if I wasn’t a working mom. But I did the best I could with whatever time and energy I had, and I’m very grateful for the things that went well.

This year, I took part in twice as many writing events as I have in the past: panel discussions, workshops, and readings. All were great fun.

My first mystery Taxed to Death also made it into the world of Kindle which has resulted in more sales and readers.

I wrote and published nearly 190 blogs, reviews, articles, and essays this year. I’ve edited two and a half novels, started writing another, and all of my short pieces have either been published or accepted for publication. Which means I have to get to work on creating more pieces.

Best of all, I’ve made new friends through various social networking avenues. So many people have shared advice and offered support, and I tried to reciprocate. In the end, writing and promoting is as much about helping one another as it is about finding your niche or your voice. And that’s really what made this a good year.

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