Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Turn Your Book Into A Movie

Have you ever wondered how you can turn your book into a movie? Well, to get a movie deal you first need a book that can easily translate into Hollywood. There are a few key elements your book needs. One important element is its genre. Hollywood often looks for romantic dramas, thrillers, and science fiction themed novels. Think the Bourne Identity or The Notebook. What usually doesn’t work? Romantic comedies. Not because Hollywood doesn’t love a romantic comedy but because romantic comedies do not work in the book business. If you want your book to become a movie, it must be a successful book first and foremost.

Reputable literary manager and producer, Ken Atchity also suggested that "Your book must also have a hero and heroine that are in the right Hollywood age range."

The ideal age range is 20-something to 40 – do not make your character over 40. After that it becomes difficult to cast. It’s also important for a different reason. The average age of moviegoers are teenagers to 30-somethings. Adults over 40 are more likely to watch their movies through Netflix rather than go to the theater. So, to keep attracting adults who do go to the theater, you want to have characters they can easily relate to – this means actors who are close in age to them.

Another important element is the story line. You want to make it clear your book contains three acts. Novels are not usually constructed this way – more often than not books have only two acts. You need to be sure your book has three, but it also can’t feel like third is tacked on. It needs to be incorporated with the first and second. A great way create a book with a successful three-act structure is by making sure there is a twist at the end of the book that makes the third act even more riveting than the second.

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