Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ebooks Create More Sales and Eager Readers

Several weeks ago, I wrote about the growing popularity of ebooks among book buyers, particularly from the 50+ generation. Brad Stone of The New York Times also writes about ebook trends in his interesting article. Unquestionably, print versions of magazines and newspapers are way down and some are closing their doors for good. It seems that people aren’t using these mediums for quick reading in the bathroom or waiting rooms anymore, but instead are using their BlackBerries and iPods.

Kindles and Sony Readers have caused an increase in the number of books people are buying and reading. While the article's evidence is anecdotal, it does support my own findings that people love the convenience of being able to buy and read a book from wherever they happen to be. Amazon states that Kindle owners now buy 3.1 times as many books as they did before they owned the device. Readers claim that they spend more time reading than ever before.

However, there are still publishers who just don’t buy all the hype. One publisher in the article said “ you really believe that people are going to be reading more because they can get it on a screen?” Clearly, this publisher hasn’t been talking to Kindle owners.

Electronic readers are here to stay. They’re convenient and easily customized to suit individual needs. Books are cheaper, more accessible, and no one’s killing trees to create copies. If ebooks get more people buying, reading, and excited about books again, where’s the bad? To read the whole article go to

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