Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Blogtalk Interview. What Fun!

I had a special treat last night — I was a guest on Rita Schiano’s blogtalk radio show — Talk to Me . . . Conversations with Creative Uncoventional People. Oddly enough, I wasn’t nervous, though I should have been. I did not prepare at all. Turns out it was just as well — I wouldn’t have been prepared for the questions Rita asked anyway. We ended up talking about my live chat group on (which you are welcome to join — we meet every Thursday night at 9:00pm ET at No Whine, Just Champagne ( – the featured article is the current topic.)

The highlight of the night was when Deborah J. Ledford (author of Staccato soon to be published by Second Wind) and Suzanne Francis (author of the Song of the Arkafina series) called in at more or less the same time. I met Suzanne through my blog, and I met Deborah through an online contest, and I finally got to hear their voices!

The best part of the whole thing, though, is that the interview is online, so if you missed it, you can still hear it. I hope you do. (Just ignore all the times I used the word actually. I actually didn’t realize how often I actually used the word actually.) You can find the interview here: Talk to Me . . . Conversations with Creative Unconventional People.

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