Friday, June 05, 2009

3 Links Of The Week: Hemingway, So You Think You Can Write, Bargain Books

1. The Hemingway biopic slated to star Anthony Hopkins as Papa is back on track!

2. 10 Points To Help You Decide If There's a Book In You is an interesting piece that includes traits such as determination, knowledge of the writing market and ability to handle rejection on its checklist. The author, Steve Dempster, does a good job of elaborating on why and how each of these qualities separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to being someone who dreams about writing vs. a writer who commits a story to paper.

3. And under the heading "I totally should not tell you this" here's a link to a site called Book Sales, where I buy review copies of my book at 46-50% off! All. The. Time. There are tons of great books for sale here. And in case you were curious, most authors receive somewhere between 10 and author copies of their book. We can then buy them from the distributor at a 40% discount, but when you factor in the shipping costs, it's about the same price as purchasing them on-line. That's why I LOVE this site.


BONUS LINK: If you're in the Dallas area, check out the event page for TWO OUT OF THREE AUTHORS, an entertaining night of stories and writing advice featuring memoirist Robert Rummel-Hudson and yours truly held at local eatery Gregory's Bistro.
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