Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog a Debut Author

I’ve blogged before about first time novelists, and to add another page to my album of obsession may be boring to some but here is my question anyway: How does an obscure, non-A-list published author slice through the thorns of who-are-yous and climb to public attention?

Luck. I was recently told this by one such individual whose friendship I’ve made through cyberspace. One can not disagree, however it would also appear to be their publisher’s influence and long arm as well.

Anyone currently on the threshold of a new release, a first timer, be assured of the thrill, the rush, the smell of just printed text, because it is intoxicating – so delicious; easily the best feeling ever.

The New York Times Book Review ran a piece on Larry McMurtry who was a new author in 1961. Everyone starts at the beginning. His first book, “Horseman, Pass By”, went to Hollywood under the title, “Hud”; remember Paul Newman? His next two books ended up in Hollywood too, but he did not make the coveted New York Times Bestseller list until 1985, twenty-four years after his debut. At that time he was twenty-four weeks running for “Lonesome Dove” and also garnered a Pulitzer Prize.

Mr. McMurtry was obviously not discouraged through a quarter of a century by the lack of recognition as a bestselling author. New novelists take a note, which means me too.

If writing is your passion, then keep writing. Lady Luck is floating around and she may sit next to you. Hollywood beckons like a beacon on a foggy night and the New York Times is just a newspaper.

Blog what you read, see, think and feel.

Linda Merlino, author, Belly of the Whale

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