Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wanted: Contributions for New Parental Rights in Children's Medical Care Book

Advocate of parental rights in children's medical care in the American medical system seeks contribution for new book for this point: "When doctors ask yes or no, parents should have the right to say no." --Shirley Cheng

I am looking for articles (unbiased, factual), personal experience stories, case studies from medical personnel (doctors, psychologists, etc.), lawyers, reporters, journalists, writers, parents, survivors (children), and anyone who has involved in this issue or has written about this issue, about the injustice system that strips the rights from parents and that takes the child away from their parents over medical disputes. I am especially interested in the cases of Abraham Cherrix (Virginia, 2006), Edward and Michele Wernecke concerning their daughter Katie (Texas, 2005), Corissa Mueller (2002), Pam Anderson concerning her son, Anthony Mitchell (2000), Miguel Regino and Adela Martinez concerning their daughter Anamarie Martinez-Regino (New Mexico, 2000), Sherry and Paul Lipscomb (Ohio, 2000), Valerie Emerson (Maine, 1998), and Tina Phifer concerning her daughter Amkia (1997); and I'd also be very interested in any articles anyone has written concerning my own mother Juliet Cheng's custody case in 1990 that made international headlines.

I will need permission to reprint any contribution in my new book and will give full credits to the contributors at the back of the book. No monetary rewards will be given, but every contributor will receive a free copy of the book and can buy the books at a discount.

Contribution Requirements

* Be truthful, honest, and accurate. Fact-check all the information you provide in your contribution, including dates, places, names, etc.

* You must have permission and/or the copyrights of your contribution to submit it for the book, including permission to use any person's name in your contribution

* Articles should be between 400 and 2000 words long

* Personal experience stories/essays should be between 400 and 1500 words long

* Case studies should be between 600 and 2500 words long

*Articles and case studies should be unbiased, strictly factual

* For personal experience stories, you may make up the names of the people, including yourself, in your contribution in order to protect your or other people's privacy

* But use real names in articles and case studies

* E-mail me first before submitting any contribution (e-mail me from

* There's no actual deadline for any submission, as I am the publisher, but I'd like to have the project move along in a steady pace, so please submit any contribution at your earliest convenience

As a contributor, you will retain full copyrights to your contribution, but I will have publishing, promotional, and distributing rights. Once I accept your contribution for publication in my book, I will have you read and sign an agreement outlining these basic terms.

One voice is not enough--we must work together to make a difference, so please contribute to this book if you have a story/article/case study to share with others, so we can put an end to this injustice that's plaguing our democratic society! Let us turn our country into a true nation run by the people for the people!

Please e-mail me from

Thank you and please pass the word on!

Shirley Cheng, a blind and physically disabled 23-year-old author of four books, is the survivor of mother Juliet Cheng's two custody cases in America.

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Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author of Whale Song said...

I am so impressed, my friend!!! You go, girl!

I wish you all the best in this endeavor and if I come across anything or anyone who could help you, I'll send them your way.

I sincerely hope you are able to achieve your dream with this book, and knowing your wonderful spirit, you WILL!

I so admire you!

Cheryl Kaye Tardif