Monday, January 15, 2007

Parental Rights in Children's Medical Care: Give Parents the Right to Say No Petition

Since today is the great Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day, I have created the Parental Rights in Children's Medical Care: Give Parents the Right to Say No Petition to return rights to the hands of loving parents. Mr. King opened the eyes and hearts of people to accept fellow mankind, now it is my turn to open the eyes and hearts of people to protect today's parents and the children of our future.

So please sign the petition to support a great cause, and pass it along to everyone you know!

Should the state send the parent to court just because the parent asked the hospital to stop giving their child aspirin when it is worsening their child's condition? Is it okay for the judge to call the parent a child abuser when the parent intercepted unwanted, harmful treatment for their child?

"When doctors ask yes or no, parents should have the right to say no!" --Shirley Cheng,

What's a more frightening nightmare for parents than their children's illness? It is the fear of losing custody of their children.

In America, parents risk losing custody of their children forever when they disagree with doctors' recommended treatments or even when they want a second opinion.

That's what happened to the Werneckes in Texas in 2005, Corissa Mueller in 2002, Pam Anderson in 2000, Tina Phifer in 1997, and a slew of other parents and children who have been victimized throughout American history.

My mother Juliet Cheng lost me twice, nearly three times, after saying no to doctors recommended treatments--treatments that would have ended my young life, or worse, paralyze me. The last custody case in 1990 made international headlines; she appeared on CBS This Morning show with Paula Zahn. Why did she lose custody of me? The doctor wanted to operate on 6 of my joints in one operation when he didn't even have any medicine to control my inflammation.

When I was 7, I did not have a voice. Now 16 years later, I'm here to speak for every parent and child because it's a crime against humanity when doctors force unwanted or harmful treatments on children.

Do you want to put an end to this crime against humanity and return rights to the hands of loving parents?

If you agree with the following statements, please sign this petition.

Parents should have the right to disagree and refuse treatments recommended by doctors for their children. State should not take away a parent's custody of their child over treatment disagreements and refusals. No parent of a child should be prosecuted or be held responsible for uncontrollable diseases, accidents, and deaths when the parent has done their utmost best in providing care for the child. The state should treat cases in accordance with the unique needs of each case. Parents should have the right to seek and exercise alternative treatments other than the ones recommended by the child's physician. Parents should have the right to protect, defend, and speak for their children.

Let us turn our country into a true nation run by the people for the people!

Thank you for your support. If we all work together, we can protect today's parents and the children of our future.

Shirley Cheng

Shirley Cheng (b. 1983), a blind and physically disabled author, poet, and parental and children's rights advocate, has the vision of a better America for both parents and children. She is a victim and miracle survivor of not only her painful disease--severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis--but more so of serious faults in American medical system, including two custody cases her mother, Juliet Cheng, had battled and won after disagreeing with doctors' recommended treatments, one of which lasted for five months in 1990 in Connecticut that made international headlines on major media, like The New York Times and The Associated Press, and gained the support of Katharine Hepburn and Taiwan's former first lady. Juliet and her lawyer, George Athanson--a former mayor of Hartford, Connecticut, for eleven years--appeared on CBS This Morning show with Paula Zahn. Using her new voice as an adult, Shirley now fights to protect today's parents and children and the future of America. She hopes to bring awareness to the public with her new parental rights advocacy book, for which she is seeking contributions. Please visit for more information and to contact her.

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