Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Publisher, New Format, New Party

With six published mystery novels under my belt, I’ve hosted a few book launches in my time. The first one was a party in my home with lots of food and wine. Even from the comfort of home, it was a nerve-wracking experience. Later launches, held at community centers and the library, were just as nerve-wracking, as they are for most writers. You wonder if anyone will come, if there will be enough food, whether your talk will go well or be a fumbling disaster, and whether you’ll sell a single book. Happily, my events have turned out well and left me feeling greatly relieved.

Yet, these types of launches have lost their appeal over time. Maybe it’s the repetition, the growing dread that your supporters have done enough and aren’t likely to make the trip again, or that I’ve said it all before.

But things have changed. Over the past couple of years I’ve found myself experimenting with the novella. I’ve found a new dynamic publisher who embraces technology and different ways of launching books. To that end, the launch of my first novella, Dead Man Floating, won’t be a physical launch but a virtual one. I’m hosting a Facebook Release Party on September 12th and I’m pretty excited about it.

I’ve attended three of these types of events over recent months and really like the format. A virtual party on Facebook means that friends from all over the world can attend, and that no one needs to feel obligated to stay for the entire two hours. I won’t be arranging food or long speeches. But here’s what I will be doing:

I’ll be offering ebook prizes (starting a new post for each contest) donated by writing colleagues and a $10 Amazon gift card. I’ll be interacting with guests through comments and discussing a little about how the book came to being. As Dead Man Floating is inspired by my own work in security, I’ll talk a little about my experiences. I’ll offer security tips and ask questions of attendees and fellow writers to keep the discussion going.

Honestly, I don’t know what to expect, but I’ll come prepared and I’ll let you know how it goes on my blog on September 13th.  You’re welcome to join the party (see link above). By the way, Dead Man Floating is now available for pre-ordering!


Marian Allen said...

Kewl! Sounds like fun!

Debra Purdy Kong said...

I hope so!!