Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Trilogy and a Trick

All three books of the SAGE trilogy are now available in paperback and for Kindle. I think the thing I'm proudest of about these books is that, although fans of heroic fantasy like them, people who don't ordinarily like heroic fantasy tend to like them, too.

In trying to figure out why, I've decided it's partly an oddity in the rather poetic way I use language in these books, coupled with the ordinary motives of the characters. The combination is both grounded and otherworldly.

Usurper. Lost Heir. Runaway bride. Land on the brink of civil war. All so familiar, until Tortoise -- the Divine Creature who ignores the rules of right and wrong -- challenges his fellow divinities to meddle. Suddenly, children targeted for murder are adopted, swordsmen turn into blacksmiths, and none are reliably who or what they seem. The four Divine Animals are afoot: Tortoise, Dragon, Unicorn, and Phoenix. Hold on tight.

The Fall of Onagros,
SAGE Book 1
In the first book of the SAGE trilogy, a legacy is lost, a woman vanishes into thin air, wisdom is found in unexpected places, and a man hopes to defeat a tyrant with tall tales and gossip.

Bargain With Fate,
SAGE Book 2
The mighty are helpless, the weak are strong, and a little girl clutches creatures of terror to her ragged heart.

Silver and Iron,
SAGE Book 3
The contention over the throne of Layounna is fought on strange battlegrounds: an island, a henyard, a scrivenry, a pocket, and the heart of the chief claimant.


And what's the trick? you ask. See that link that says That's a mighty mighty Amazon redirect that directs your click to the Amazon national portal appropriate to your browser. So, if you're reading this in Canada, clicking on that link SHOULD take you to Amazon's Canadian website. If you're in America, you go to If you're in France, vous allez à Is that cool, or what?

 If you want to know more about the books, including reading the first chapters of each, visit The SAGE Page at my blog.

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