Friday, December 21, 2012

Why Miss Marple Knitted

Is "knitted" the past tense for "knit"? Shouldn't it be "knat"? No, knitted is correct.

I've recently taken up knitting, and I highly recommend it for writers.

If you're stuck in your story, you can knit and think about it. The repetitive task of knitting might just fool your inner editor into paying attention to the handwork so your subconscious can create without interference.

If you're stalling on working on a story, knitting can make you feel productive.

If your family doesn't understand that you're WORKING when you look like you're just sitting there staring into space, knitting can fool them into letting you alone.

A knitting project underway is almost as good for starting conversations as a puppy. Strangers -- male as well as female -- ask you what you're making. They can easily be led into talking about themselves.

Depending on how poor a job one does, one can be a source of sympathy and gentle amusement to one's companions. Or comfort. The fifth time I dropped one of my knitting needles in the waiting room, one woman said, "I'm in the early stages of Parkinson's, but I don't do that."

There's something so cozy about knitting. I'm sure Miss Marple used it to put people at ease and off guard, the shifty old sly-boots!

I may teach one of my characters to knit. I wonder who it will be....

Marian Allen
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