Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cheryl Kaye Tardif on the Cover of 24 HRS

Ok, I received a few phone calls this morning from people who saw the COVER of 24 Hrs. It's 90% photo...God help me.

Ok, for someone with a rotten flu and a fever of 104 on Tylenol 2's and decongestants, I guess it could be worse.

The article is short and sweet on page 5, but I have to say I've seen myself everywhere this morning when I went out. The 24 boxes are on every corner about every 3 blocks, serving over 1 million people.

Let's hope all the big stars and producers who are in town shooting Christmas in Wonderland see the cover!! Leslie Nielsen and Patrick Swayze are among a few big names who are in presently in Edmonton, shooting at West Edmonton Mall. All it takes is the right connection...Leslie, me! :)

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